An Open Letter from the Founder

I’ve heard it said that soldiers who have gone to war together have an unbreakable bond that spans a lifetime.  A friend that has walked through the same things, saw the same horrors and lived to tell the tale. A confidant that understands what the other has been through and helps each other continue on.

During my years of trying, with everything inside of me, to become a mother I felt every range of emotion.  There were times when I felt on top of the world with hope and optimism only to be crushed with grief the very next day.  For five years I felt caught between “I’m hopeful, I know this is going to work” and “I can’t go another step without breaking into a thousand pieces”.  I wasn’t prepared, but honestly who ever is?

Unfortunately/fortunately, I realized I wasn’t alone.  Sure, there were others at the fertility clinic that must be dealing with the same thing, but I didn’t personally know those individuals. It wasn’t until I found someone within my circle of friends who was also struggling with getting pregnant that I suddenly didn’t feel alone.  As our stories began to unfold I found out I was not alone. I was not a scientific anomaly. I found someone who understood.

Did the pain go away? No! Was it a little more manageable? Yes!  Why? Because I finally had someone who was in the trenches too.  Someone that fully understood my grief, understood my frustration, and understood ME.  My husband was/is phenomenal and we were each other’s support but it’s totally different having someone else with you too. We became each others resource with information, each others nurses (hey, someone has to help you get those hard to reach shots),  and each other’s cheerleader/crying shoulder.

When you’ve gone down the long winding road of infertility you can’t help but to be marked, or changed forever, by the journey.  There are hundreds of thousands of women that are forever changed too.  My heart is that Woven Social is a place where we can ease the burden, share resources, give hope, build a community, and make life long friendships along the way with women who get each other.


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