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What is Woven Social?

Hello! I’m Brooklyn, and I founded Woven Social to create a space for women who are facing infertility to realize they are not alone.   YOU are not alone.  YOU don’t have to go through this alone.  Let’s build a community of strong women who lift each other up, share our experiences and pain, cry together, laugh together, and make some really great friends along the way.  At the end of the day, if we help ONE woman make it through this crazy ride, it’s all worth it. 

WHY should you join Woven Social?


An estimated 487.5 million women worldwide are effected by some form of infertility.  Woven Social creates the space to connect with people locally and globally through Groups, Discussion Boards, Member Searches, and Featured Stories.  All of that for less than those fabulous shoes you just ordered!

ZERO Ads = ZERO Nonsense

A paid membership allows us to ensure the people using Woven Social are real women experiencing or who have experienced infertility.  This community is a safe space and this allows us to ensure that stays intact.  We want to see YOU and not paid advertisements present in our community.



Infertility treatments are expensive! We get that and we want to help.  Woven Social aims to give away a portion of the profit brought in to members through financial giveaways. Unlike other grant programs admin fees will not be required to submit an application. 
Save that $20, girlfriend!

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